Office Makeup Tips

The main difference between the evening makeup and the day makeup for office and work consists in the intensity used. Thus, the products used in makeup should be chosen carefully, because they must be in full harmony with your natural shades and in harmony with each other. The makeup used during the day, unlike the makeup for evening is influenced by a number of factors. We should consider that the day light intensifies the shades and emphasizes any defects. If you feel the need to be creative in using makeup and intense colours, challenging shades, highly fluorescent or pearl colours, use them in the evening.

Whether we want to create a makeup for day or evening, the shades application steps are the following:

1. Preparation of the application of the skin care products should start with makeup removal, than the application of tonic lotion and finally a makeup base;

2. Application of the makeup products are foundation, powder, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and finally lipstick (in the above order);

When we create a makeup for office, we have to consider the light inside. For offices with cold light, based on bulbs or tubes with halogens, the colours used in makeup should be warm, in order to create the image of a natural appearance. For an office that has a classic lightening system, the incandescent light will make the skin look dry. The makeup used has to be cold and the blush should have a rouge undertone. The lipstick can have shades that mimic your natural colour or a neutral colour and without gloss.

Office fashion gives you the opportunity to make a great impression every time you arrive at work. We are here to make sure you are “the one” people look to for fashion advice and whose style people rely on for their fashion decisions.

How do you apply your office Make up? Share your tips here

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0 Responses to Office Makeup Tips

  1. Leanne Ama Danquah says:

    i just use the mac make up studio fix, tiny blush, mascara and subtle lipgloss, work is not a party so i dont see why i should go to work with a full on make up unless i have something to hide, or someone to impress i see people wearing smokey eye makeup in the morning on london underground i mean wtf …its only work even professional models who are on GO-SEE, avoid thick make up

    people lets keep it subtle

    • Soo T says:

      LOL @ smokey eyes in the morning…hahaha

    • Bolanle says:

      I do exactly the same! just some foundation placed on lightly for a slight cover up of blemishes, mascara, eyeliner, maybe a bit of blush and vaseline. Night time is when you apply heavier make up.

      To be honest i’m new to the make up game so dont really like the heavy make up look anyway especially during the day, I love to keep it simple. some people look like they stole all the products on the mac counter and have applied it ot their face!

  2. Bernie says:

    I just put on a little foundation, Vaseline for lip gloss and am done.

  3. ghene says:

    To go about or to work, I tend to put concealer where needed, a light brush of powder foundation, one swipe of orange/gold blush per cheek, a pinch of mascara and Vaseline. Going out… is the only time I wipe out the eye liner, lipstick and eye shadow palette.

  4. Afrolady says:

    I know my comment has nothing to do with office make up but….!!! I am in the process of *afronising* my style. I want to go back to being totally african. The first step was to cut my chemicaled hair and go back to my kinky african hair and I am loving it.
    The next step is to totally change my wardrobe to have only african fabrics from all over the continent.
    I have tried searching the net for ideas on african office wear!!! I cant find anything. How do I go into a boardroom in african inspired power suit!!! Any ideas?

    • Genny says:

      You don’t really have to be in African inspired suit to stay natural girl.You can have a brooch in African prints,hairband and sometimes a handbag all in African prints to add to your suits.You will truly look pretty for Africa.LOl.

  5. sylvia kanguha says:

    i have really liked your website and am an aspiring beutician,would you tell me if you have like a college for beauty or if any one can learn on line?i am from Kenya.
    thanks alot.

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