Choosing Black Skin Care Products

Finding black skin care products that effectively treat and prevent skin problems is often difficult. Black men and women often suffer from combination skin, meaning the skin varies between oily and dry. In order to avoid over drying the skin, or accidentally creating an overly oily environment that breeds acne, black women and men should use products designed for individual’s sensitive skin. These products are perfect for individuals who have combination skin.

Many Caucasian skin care regiments are followed by alcohol based astringents, black women and men should avoid using astringent whenever possible. Yes, these products do clean the skin, but the alcohol dries the skin creating unattractive, scaly, patches. Black individuals who do not feel a facial wash provides all of the cleansing they need should consider astringents that contain little, or no, alcohol and using witch hazel in moderate amounts. Black men and women should only use astringent once each day, or three times a week.

Lastly, black women and men should always complete their skin care regiment by using a moisturising skin lotion. The lotion should be made especially for those with sensitive skin, and any lotion with a sun block included will add an extra layer of protection that black skin needs. Properly caring for the skin by choosing quality black skin care products will keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Photo Credit: Ebony Skin

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