Origin Africa Presents, the Hub of Africa Fashion Week, Origin Trade Expo & International Business Symposiums

Clairvoyant Marketing Agency, In the Bag and Origin Africa will be hosting The Hub of Africa Addis Fashion Week. Labeled by Africa the Good News, as the biggest continental fashion event in Africa, in 2012, with an expected 600 guests and over 100 exhibitors from various parts of the fashion industry including, Manufacturers, Fabric Suppliers, Buyers and Designers, the show is guaranteed to set waves across the African Fashion industry and “Unite the Fashion Industry for Sustainable Development.”

This year, the show, which is the second of its kind from the Hub of Africa team, is centred around the theme Eco-fashion. The show features young up and coming fashion designers from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, and Tanzania. All designers are required to create a line that emphasizes on sustainable development and eco fashion. (If possible) bring ideas on Eco Fashion. Designers have also been asked to take part in the production of a short documentary, which will highlight the path taken to create their line.

There will also be an opportunity for designers to win one of three awards to be given out at the show: the chance to participate in Africa Fashion Week New York; the chance to participate in Ethical Fashion Week, in Paris, and the Retailer award where a buyer from a huge department store will ask the winning designer to produce and manufacture a line in 90 days, to be sold in their store.

The Hub of Africa Fashion Week organizers wish to raise awareness on the impact the industry can make on sustainable development through the creation of jobs and increasing inter-African trade which remains extremely low. A recent World Bank report revealed that it is easier for African countries to trade with the outside world than with itself and that nations are losing billions of dollars annually because of high trade barriers with neighbouring countries. The shows response? To bring all players in the industry together and provide them with the opportunity to network and consequently reduce the barriers to doing business and trading with one another. Thus,  in addition, to the catwalk shows there will be symposiums and a Trade Show with impactful leaders from across Africa sharing their knowledge and best practices.

Commentating on the show and the Africa Union’s support, Deputy Chairperson, of the African Union Commission, Erastus Mwencha, remarked that “The textiles and clothing industry in Africa can be important in economic and social terms, in the short-run by providing incomes, jobs and foreign currency receipts and in the long- run by providing countries the opportunity for sustained economic development in those countries with appropriate policies and institutions to enhance the dynamic effects of textiles and clothing.”

For more information on the event please visit www.thehubfashionweek.com or contact:

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