Votre Avant Garde (VAG), the creators of critically acclaimed fashion show, CamerCouture are set to makeover summer wardrobes with their latest project, Pop Up FashionMarket.

A trendy bazaar connecting emerging fashion designers and creative businesses with new markets, the event is scheduled to take place at the Real World Gallery in London’s Brick Lane. It will feature creations from fashion and accessories designers, artists and beauty product sellers.

The Pop Up market is an off-shoot from CamerCouture,” explained VAG CEO, Cynthia Anduhtabe.

“We realised that people enjoyed the shows immensely but also wanted effective ways of purchasing the designers’ unique creations and keeping up to date with their work. However access to their work often proved challenging.

Our Pop Up FashionMarket presents a reliable solution to this problem by offering great place for creatives and customers to meet and build lasting relationships,” she added.

The fashion executive is also confident about the value the event, which has gained interest from VoxAfrica TV, glossy magazine, FAB and various bloggers will deliver value for participating designers.

“With thousands of regular visitors, Brick Lane is a pulsating fashion hub which bears a bright open-minded and multicultural stamp. There’s no better place to venture into new markets and test business ideas,” she observed.

Fashion labels, Amechi Ihenacho, ChiChia London, Asakeoge Couture, Rouge by Rachelle, Yaa Ataa Bags, Rococo Chichi, Mananaka and Adolfo Sanchez among participants for the one day event scheduled for Sunday July 3rd 2011.

For information on how to acquire a selling space, please contact Cynthia Anduhtabe on: 07834 321 373 and take advantage of our promotional offer of £65 for fashion and accessories designers and £35 for beauty cosmetics and all others.

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