Pheww nearly slapped an ignorant black lady in her face last Monday following her rude comment about my afro hair, but my goodness something within me said calm down and  just walk away from this confused sister. Monday morning was heading to the office, already in a bad mood just like most people including myself hates Mondays, I was stopped by an African lady as I can tell from her accent, she parked and said she was selling Brazillian , Peru and Cambodian hair in her car boot.  The lady said “beautiful girl like you should not walk around with an Afro hair as it makes you look very ethnic”. The lady further tried to convince me that her prices are very reasonable with 50% discount. Now before I continue, all I knew was Brazillian hair, never heard of Peru or Cambodian, or am I just late and not up to date with life? I found this lady very annoying and rude for making such statement. Trying to reflect back from when I started my natural hair journey I have actually put up with alot of abuse and negativity about my hair, the most recent one i thought was very funny and rude was when I was strolling throw Makola market in Accra Ghana during the summer holidays, a man selling clothes shouted out “lady, lady lady come and buy jeans I ignored him and the next thing that he said was Afro sister, lady with big hair and the worst he caled me was Don king’s wife” . I was not sure whether to laugh or cry,  bloody hell “Don Kings Wife” honestly I knew he was trying to say that I look like Don King. Anyway the lady apologise but it got me thinking why in today’s society some people do not embrace natural hair anymore. I just need to clarify this that Brazillian/Peru or Cambodian hair weaves does look nice when worn but it is not something I will personally go out of my way to spend hundreds of pounds on which is a personal choice.

Anyway, for those who might not know or have seen my hair before, I did the big chop chop just over 18months ago after relaxing my hair for over ten years. I decided to go natural purely because I was fed up with relaxing my damn hair, it was the same old story everytime I left the hair salon it was just getting boring so I decide to go natural. Now, the first time I told my hair stylist that I was thinking of going natural she was in utter shock, she tried to convince me to stop as it was hard work and that I can never dress up and look elegant. Yes the first part she said was right it is hard work to manage natural hair but the latter I disagree as there are so many Afro hairstyles that can make you look elegant. I have always been asked what products I use to make my hair grow so quickly is just two brands that I cannot live without, for my roots I use T444Z hair food for my scalp and I moisturize daily with Bee Mine Products and believe me I am hooked.

To all the Naturalista’s out there share your hair stories here and oh check out Malcolm X video here love it

“Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don’t want to be around each other? Who taught you to hate being what God made you.”

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  1. msethnicminorityuk says:

    SAD! In a world of 20inches fake Brazilian hair, caterpillar-like eyebrows with edges sharper than than the M25 exit southbound towards Gatwick, fluttering fake lashes longer than the M4 West bound to Heathrow not to forget caked foundation faces like an incomplete lowly paid circus clown, being natural, black and sporting an Afro is a crime. The thing is black people are their own worst enemy. Dim wits slowly pan fried over a blazing heat of foolishness and stupidity!

  2. shadders says:

    Lol you are funny Roflmao @ M25 exit southbound

  3. Jacqueline says:

    It’s such a shame a crying shame. I stopped relaxing after 5 years max when I realized I didnt need to relax it. I admit it’s not easy to maintain but I could never go back. I salute all who choose to go au naturelle and accept all relax or opt for a weave I understand both sides of the story but Lord knows i appreciate the beauty of my hair, my skin and my shape, alll woman and darn proud of it 

  4. andrea says:

    I just did my BC in October and i definately understand what ya saying… the funny part is after they insult you then they will come back and say ” oh but it looks good on you tho” NONSENSE.. i think i am going to slap the next ignorant fool who steps to me with that foolishness again…..

  5. cynthia says:

    What a shame indeed!! Straight hair = beautiful, Afro = ugly.

  6. Muse Origins says:

    At Jacqueline…Word. And natural hair always looks so healthy

    Muse Origins
    Muse Origins FB

  7. Alexandra says:

    It’s a shame that our own people act negatively towards our own hair, but the British, however find our natural hair amazing. Every morning I thank God for my beautiful hair because some people don’t have hair due to medical reasons. My English friends (I live in a part of England where about 90% of the people are white) always want to touch my hair and I let them because its my pride and they are not used to Afro hair. Even those who know Black people, they think that we have straight hair. It’s only when I tell them what it really is then they understand. I also wear protective styles because of the weather. Even the extra hair I add is the Afro-kinky type so that it blends in with my own hair!

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