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To all designers, PR & Magazine Companies, Model agencies, Event organisers and anyone that will like their contents published on Kindly send an email to prior to making payments as contents needs to be assessed for reliability and its appropriateness for readers.

If you make payment prior to contacting Shadders and your content is deemed inappropriate, NO refunds will be made and payments will be deemed as a donation.  Any payments made will not be refunded and you have 28hours to send your content in for publication.

Thanks for your coperation, together we can promote Africa Fashion and Beauty Industry.

Since its inception July 2007, Shadders has defined a scope that covers African style, how-to, beauty, fashion, and all things inspirational. Updated daily, all of Shadders content is written by the editor with occasional quest bloggers from around the globe which ensures fresh, creative content exclusive only to Shadders. I’m so glad you’re interested in sponsoring Shadders! I’d be delighted to have you in the Shadders family! All companies and individuals marketing products/services that appeal to the fashionable female are encouraged to inquire for sponsorship. Please read the information below, or email me if you have any questions! I personally review all ads and their sites to ensure they reflect the standards of my audience, myself, and every fashionista.

Want To send a Product For Review?

In order to maintain the integrity of the content generated, press samples submitted for review are For Consideration Only. I am happy to receive products to review, but I will only review them if it is relate to the blog’s beliefs! Whilst I am always polite I also reserve the right to be honest and I always disclose products that have been given to Shadders for review. If you would like Shadders to review your product please email

Want to Invite Shadders to your Fashion or Beauty Event?

Shadders loves to write about fashion shows and photo shoots and anything fashion and beauty related. We will accept invites to your event if advance notice is given via We take the opportunity to write press release, review your products during these events and have them published on Shadders. To invite Shadders to your event simply send us an email via

Sponsor Benefits

· Prominent ad with excellent placement (industry-leading size-to-rate ratio)

· Exposure to over 50,000 readers per month as a sponsor

· One giveaway per month (only official sponsors get these!)

· One shop highlight post — beta feature

· Informative interviews

· Increase visibility for your products/brand

· Reach more of your target demographic

· Real-time insight about your product/brand

· And more

Advertising Formats

Ads {180×150} and {300×600} will run prominently on the right sight bar of the blog.


Shadders has multicultural, affluent, fashion forward women between the ages of 18-40 around the globe and with the majority of readers from diverse ethnic background especially Africans, African Americans and Afro Caribbean’s. If interested in advertising, please send an email to:

For Advertising Enquiries Email before making payments to confirm advertising space.

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