Shadders Interviews African Makeup Artist Joy Adenuga

Joy Adenuga is a freelance makeup artist based in London. She Specialises in Bridal, Special occasion, Publication, Studio and Location Make up’s. Joy trained professionally at the London School of Make up years ago and has been providing professional Make up services to clients from all backgrounds since. Joy is well experience, and confident and she definitely works wonders the moment she picks up her make up brush. She adores the creativity involved and finds that the most fulfilling part of her job is making her clients look and feel beautiful. As a professional Make up artist Joy uses only high quality and premium products from Mac, Bobbi brown, Laura mercier, Shu Uemura,Illamasqua, Yaby and Graftobian. The result is a flawless and radiant makeup that last all day, check out Shadders interview with Joy and be inspired:

Can you share with our Audience your cultural/Family Background?

Am proudly African, From Nigeria. I grew up in a Christian home, my father is a Revered and Mother a Deaconess in a Pentecostal Church. Am the first Child with 3 younger siblings. I am presently blessed with a  wonderful/gorgeous husband and have a beautiful daughter.

At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a make-up artist and why?

I have always been intrigued with makeup and playing around with colours. I often daydream about getting professional training but often pushed the thought aside. During my wedding, my makeup artist did such a beautiful job and that gave me the kick I needed to finally try and achieve what I’ve dreamt about for years.

How do you describe your work as a makeup artist and what does it entail?

Its all about creativity. This can go from being subtle to avante garde. It also entails knowing your clients, being accommodating and creating any brief given to you.

What steps have you taken to break into the industry?

Networking and Advertising.

What inspires your work? Is it your clients, your mood, time or the pay in question?

A bit of everything. If it was just the pay, I would have given up years back. Reason being when you first start off, you do quite a lot of free work which can be depressing. That’s why it’s a job you have to be passionate about before you can make it.

What distinguishes you as a makeup artist from every other makeup artist around?

My willingness to learn. I also enjoy going for master classes to learn from the best and develop new skills. For instance I will be attending a master class by the master makeup artist for women of colour - Sam fine. Details can be found at -

What are the obstacles and challenges that you have faced in your field since you began?

In this business, you have to develop a thick skin and have a lot of patience. I wouldn’t say obstacles but the biggest challenge is trying to please every client. As customers are always right it can be a challenging meeting different people who want different things and are used to doing their makeup in a certain way.

Is there anyone that you hope to work with in the future?

Sam fine, Lisa Eldridge and Natasha Booth. I also recently started day dreaming about doing Kate Middleton’s makeup for her wedding next year. Imagine the publicity if that happens!!

For aspiring make-up artists, can you outline an idea of what a day is like in your shoes?

I always try to get a brief / call sheet before any job which outlines every key detail like the address, time, kind of look etc .I aim to get to the location early so I can set up my items. I then have a brief consultation with the client depending especially if no initial meeting had been setup to access the condition of the skin and know the right products to use as clients have different needs. I then start off with cleaning off any makeup, toning, moisturising, priming, applying the makeup and accessing my work taking care to clean up any mistakes before my client is ready. I also love having feedback on my work.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

The creativity involved and meeting people. I can say I’ve met some amazing people over the years.

Is there anyone in particular that you can say was an absolute pleasure to work with?

There are so many to list but I need to mention 2 lovely makeup artists – Natasha Booth and Kemi kings. They have been absolutely wonderful to me.

To wrap up, is there anything you want people to know about you Professionally or Personally?

Am very passionate about my work, creative, reliable, energetic, friendly and very hardworking.

How can we access you contact details?


Email –

Twitter –

Shadders is sooo impress with Joy’s work and i wish her success with her business endeavours, as a matter of fact I am impressed with all the African artisan’s and their work, I believe all their effort and creativeness is pushing African fashion forward. No need to look far if you are thinking of having a Makeover, Perhaps you are looking for a make up artist to do your bridal makeup, or you need a professional makeup done for a photo shoot, then done hesitate, Joy is here to meet all your make up needs, simply get in touch with her

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0 Responses to Shadders Interviews African Makeup Artist Joy Adenuga

  1. Milly says:

    Absolutely FLAWLESS ….woow, great work, what an artist

    Shadders well done with informing us about all these Talented people from the Motherland

  2. Akua Ghana says:

    Shadders you are doing amazing work, thanks for sharing, how i wish i lived in the UK, I would have this lady doing my Make up,

    will spread this to my London Friends

    love her work

  3. Bukky says:

    Wooow proud of this, our people are doing well sha,

    Shadders thanks for informing us

    love your blog BTW

  4. Yemisi says:

    Nice work i must say well done JoY

  5. Femi says:

    This is soooo pretty, this is what i call talent not all the other so called untrained make up artist

  6. Femi says:

    BTW Shadders your blog is the Best blog i have come across this year, useful and insightful informations so please dont stop

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Nice, keep up the good work, it doesn’t have to be Kate Middleton, you could be doing the make-up of someone popular soon enough

    • shadders says:

      Emmanuel well said,

      Joy’s work is excellent and thats why Shadders is here for, to promote the work of African artisans

  8. Victor says:

    I happen to know Joy personally and I can tell you that she is definitely the next big thing in the makeup business. Her hunger for hidden secrets and techniques is unrivalled.

    • shadders says:

      Wow Victor thanks for sharing your positive opinion about Joy, I can sense the same thing and I hope Joy is ready to take off. I believe her work will been seen around the world

  9. Victor says:

    P.S I think I just found a cool new site to add to my bookmarks….Shadders. Keep up the excellent work.

  10. Yemisi says:

    Same here Shadders all the way

  11. Mel says:

    Two thumbs up for Joy’s creatively beautiful and fresh looks . With the confidence,creativity and thirst for excellence she possesses I believe without a doubt that she’ll reach the zenith in the make up and beauty business

  12. Esther says:

    Wow, Amazing!!! Joy is definitely going places. I love her drive and determination which has definitely resulted in Success.
    I completely agree with her that you’ve got to be passionate about what you do before you can make it, and its not only about the pay especially if its something u do all the time.

    Keep it up Joy!!! You’re the next big Makeup Artist.
    Thanks Shadders for this interview.

  13. Joy Adenuga says:


  14. eniola says:

    I am absolutely impressed at the pace at which Joy is going cos it shows her zeal and passion for what she’s always loved to do and believe in. may GOD Almighty take her unto lofty heights in Jesus name.

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