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We have a deep obsession with designers who uses print fabric and can creatively use it well, as most prints can be vicious to the eyes if not worse for the one wearing it. For … read more

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Lanre DaSilva Ajayi (LDA) founder of eponymous self-named design label in seven years has grown tremendously passionate for fashion. This has made the LDA brand stronger and the label a fashion favourite among the media, … read more

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Ankara Clothing is an online fashion retailer that offers distinctive and carefully picked designs to showcase the African Culture. Ankara Clothing brings to you our new ‘Indulge Collection’ which features modern styles in bold and beautiful … read more

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Uzo Vn is a fashion couture brand, which follows no trends born from the strong connection of heritage between the designer ‘Vivienne Nwosu’ and her motherland Nigeria. Vivienne Nwosu is a graduate of ‘The University … read more

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African Prints fabric shoes are getting really popular now, am seeing them everywhere so if you are thinking of purchasing one and you are in Lagos Nigeria the lady you need to get intouch is … read more

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The British Weather has been kind to us over the last few days with constant sunshine and clear skies, this has led us all to dig deep into our closets for summery pieces to wear. … read more

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Stella Jean’s “wax and Philosophy” theme for her spring/summer 2012 collection is what Shadders describes as printiful and a delight to watch. Stella has delicately styled the collections and as we all know prints screams … read more

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HAUS OF HERCULES is a home grown fashion Haus from Nigeria, Lagos to be precise.  The designers are makers of exquisite & regal Hand made, bespoke Shoes and Accessories: such as Bags:- travellers / Weekender’s, … read more

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