Ohema Ohene: Foot candy

High heels attract men. Right?  Well, according to a new study conducted by experts at Northumbria University, men don’t necessarily notice women in heels; and some most definitely don’t notice if they’re Salvotore ferragamo  or Christian Louboutins. Well, some men. The study looked at the reactions of males watching women ages 18 to 35 walking in high heels  and flats. And while one would think the guys would notice the subtle lift on the calf muscle and change in overall posture and strut that comes with sporting a heel, they didn’t. But before some of you pack away your pumps, the study is based on a woman’s walk alone and not the actual ‘sexy allure’ that heels give us. And in actuality most men love the look of a woman in heels, even if they don’t notice the difference in your strut with or without them.  Still, we all know, there’s something about a nice pair of pumps that sneakers just can’t or won’t ever be able to provide. But who’s to say we can’t flaunt a pair of sneakers and look and feel almost just as sexy?
As always Shadders love African designers/fashion, we came across ohema ohene,  British boutique fashion brand. Created in 2008 by British born designer Abenaa Pokuaa. Based in London, the name meaning Queen & King in the Ghanaian language of Twi was in reference of her Ghanaian heritage. After successfully completing a degree in Fashion design technology surface Textiles at London College of fashion; Abenaa then went on to work in the industry developing her technical and commercial understanding. Ohema Ohene produces exciting, high quality stylish seasonal clothing which is representative of Londons multicultural population, blending what is quintessentially British with West African textiles. Shadders is pleased and excited about Ohema Ohene’s footwear collections, the days of wearing Chuck Taylors converse is certainly over for us, so hurry up and grab a pair for this Autumn. You can buy from Here

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