Deola Sagoe A/W 2011 Collection “Ori Oke”

This skirt reminds me of the print lampshade skirt by Mary Katrantzou’s which she showcased at London fashion week back in February 2011, but I think I like this skirt better.

Deola Sagoe autumn/winter 2011 collection, titled Ori Oke, is absolutely stunning. The pieces as always with deola are uniquely constructed, using some of the most luxurious fabrics such as lace, silk and other unique fabrics with a splash of colour. I simply adore this collection and I hope you do to.

Via Vogue Bespoke

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2 Responses to Deola Sagoe A/W 2011 Collection “Ori Oke”

  1. Emua Fashions says:

    I love her collections too… the pink dress (dress number 3) is that a torn part under the bust? ….. also dress number 11 reminds me of the dress Rhianna wore for the cover of vogue USA for their April issue..

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