Exclusive Interview With Cookie Ann - “A Label To Watch In 2011″

Cookie Ann

Cookie Ann

Not long Ago we featured the lovely2011 spring/summer collections by Cookie Ann here, we managed to grab her to stop for a chat with shadders keep reading below and be inspired of her journey to establishing cookie Ann!!

Shadders: Hello Cookie- Ann thanks for chatting with us at Shadders, kindly tell us a little bit about you

Cookie- Ann:I was born in Haiti but raised in France. Thanks to my family I have travelled a lot .I am specially attracted by the USA I went to Los Angeles and Georgia .

Shadders: What is your educational or professional background and how do you feel it prepared you for a career in designing?

Cookie- Ann: I have been graduated in Fashion Design in 2007. I decided to work as a fashion stylist for Designer and magazine. But i did not succeed to find what I want .I always wanted to have my own fashion brand .

Shadders: Your design approach is edgy and fresh, is there any time period or person who influenced your style?

Cookie- Ann: Music is my first inspiration … People who inspired me are : Grace Jones and prince. Movies also : « Death becomes her », « Thelma & Louise « , « body double » they are so 80 /90‘s i love that

Shadders: You now have your own clothing line, Cookie- Ann How did you come up with a name for your line and why?

Cookie- Ann: The name become after it was so difficult , one of my best friend called me « cookie » … it stays my nickname. Ann is the Beginning of my First Name.

Shadders: What steps did you take to mentally prepare you into launching a clothing line?

Cookie- Ann: A lot of steps .. Looking for trends …..Looking for models ….Looking for fabrics………Looking for photographers……..Place for shooting , ideas for shooting and Finding shops which will sell Cookie ann’s clothing.

Shadders: You use all types of fabrics for designing, At this point, designing in Paris, who is your target market?

Cookie- Ann: I target women who love fashion , love going out , love art ..

Shadders: As you are currently located in France? Do you intend to take your design into mainstream America and other parts of the world?

Cookie- Ann: Yes it is one of my goal to get Cookie Ann in the USA. Maybe this year i will plan a travel to Los Angeles And maybe New York. Trabendo jacket would be nice in America; London , Brussels and Antwerp are one of my target also.

Shadders: To be a designer, one must constantly put on their creative cap, Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Cookie- Ann: Everything is an inspiration . I observe a lot people , clothes in movies , women’s attitudes . I was a dancer few year ago , dancing is one of my passion so my clothes have to be comfortable too.

Shadders: You currently launched your spring/Summer 2011 collections. Tell us briefly about the inspiration behind this collection, as i absolutely love it.

Cookie- Ann: I decided to mix the style. Street and Classy. During the summer people loves wearing colours. I think African Wax print is a good idea ;

Shadders: What are some of the short term goal for Cookie Ann?

Cookie- Ann: Ambition, willing, strength, power, energy, love , fun , work -addict

Shadders: As a young label, what marketing/advertising strategies do you have in place for your business?

Cookie- Ann: Yes everybody got a place in the fashion business but i think you have to be in the best place in order people Watch you; You have to get the attention . It s also a Financial question ; For that it s more difficult . You have to fight again and again . You work with your stomach. I m always using my energy and my positive attitude .

Shadders: What are you currently working on?

Cookie- Ann: This week end Fall Winter 11/12 collection is on its way . To be well - know i ve decided to make a movie (catwalk) You could see here the last movie i ve done , all is homemade (music + video).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pika-5L3Whs&feature=player_embedded.I ve got a real team with me .

Shadders: Do you have any upcoming events where you will be displaying your fabulous creations?

Cookie- Ann: My collection fall Winter would be shown in Paris during « salon »For Professional . I hope to get contact in France and in the world

Shadders: Is there a particular cause that is close to your heart?

Cookie- Ann: Yes animal cause , since i m a little girl i was raised with animals.My first dog helped me to walk , and always protected me when i was sleeping. I can’t stand people who hurts them . If you want an animal in your house . Treat it like your child he deserves it and it would never forget it . No Animals wouldnt betrayed you . If you don’t . don’t BUY one.

Shadders: Awww Please feel free to add anything else you wish our readers to know about you or Cookie- Ann.

Cookie- Ann: i really hope to meet you guys in USA. Cookie ann is on your way . But you could get some stuff in my e shop: www.cookieann.bigcartel.com, Feel free to contact me (on facebook : cookie cookie ann ). If you know people who would be interested to collaborate (press , models ..) in L.A or NYC let me know. I send you a lot of love and positive attitude. See all news here www.cookieann.blogspot.com. Sorry for my bad English … French people are the worst student in Languages

Shadders -Cookie-Ann Thanks a lot for chatting to us, very insightful and inspiring I wish u all the success in your business and girl your English is soooo not bad.

Credits: Collection Cookie Ann Printemps Eté 2011Photos: www.elizdream.comM.U.A: Lila Guéant, Manuela Bourgade , Marie Goncalves

Check out Cookie Ann Here

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  1. Stephanie Legend says:

    Great work shadders. Impressive interview.

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    I Heart cookie ann

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