Shadders Interviews: African Makeup Artist Barbara Mensah

Shadders has fallen in love with the work of make-up artist Barbara Mensah, Shadders stumbled upon Barbara Mensah on Facebook at the beginning of the year and we have been following her moves since. Barbara is very creative, she creates amazing flawless looks for fashion shoots, ­Make-over’s and I adore the bold and fearless looks she gives her clients. Barbara is definitely one to watch. As a MUA Barbara has worked in almost every capacity of the industry and she takes on each job with fierceness that makes her work memorable. Barbara is always on the go.  Lucky for us, she stopped for a moment to answer a few questions for Shadders. Read our interview with makeup artist Barbara Mensah who has created stunning make up looks for clients from every walk of life. She tells us what should be in your beauty kit for the party season ahead and how you can create the season’s hottest looks.

Shadders: Please tell our audience a bit about your cultural background.

Born in London, raised by my beautiful grandmother (who by the way never left the house without her red lipstick and red nail polish on hands and feet) from the ages of 1-7 in Ghana as my mother and father were studying and working in London

Shadders: When did you realize that this career was more than a dream and could be a reality?

A yr ago I woke up one morning and simply decided that working as a PA was simply not thirst quenching enough for me…I have always been a creative person always painted and even have a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art, so sitting in the office running someone else’s life was no longer an option. It was time for me to live my dream.

Shadders:  How do you get your jobs?  Through an agent, self promotion, word of mouth, etc.?

The majority of my work is gained through self promotion, word and mouth…..but I am now eagerly seeking an agent/manager…so any takers please get in contact Asap!

Shadders: What is the toughest part of your job?

For me it is just constantly striving for perfection. This makes me my own biggest critic…this can be hard at times, but at the same time it means I always put out my best work each and every time.

Shadders: Where do you find your inspiration and stay current?

Being based in London, Soho…u really don’t have to look very far or hard, there are inspiration  everywhere I look…it’s a matter of what catches my eye and believing it can be used in my art.

Shadders: What is the classiest make-up look that will always stand the test of time?

Classiest…hmmm that’s subjective….however u can never go wrong with a perfectly matching foundation, mascara and clear lip gloss!

Shadders: What is your must-have product for the season?

There is way too many to mention all….but I will say personally I totally love whole range of lip glosses by

Shadders: If you wanted to make someone more youthful, what would you do?

Less is always more…enhance their best features which always take away attention from any flaws.

Shadders :What colours are on trend right now?

Well,  each season u can never go wrong with Smokey eyes….but what is really been hot of the runways has been the barely there, almost luminous skin…I have been seeing a lot of very strong deep red lips which is great for this festive season…and for eyes, the soft browns, army greens.

Shadders: Do you have any tips on how your make-up can stay on longer?

All women must invest and carry in their make-up bag Laura Mercier foundation Primer which u simply place underneath your foundation and keeps make-up in place for longer.
Shadders: What’s the key to finding the best mascara?

The key is YSL.

Shadders: What advice can you offer women of colour?

When it comes to make-up its important that we have the right foundation that matches your skin tone—this is to all women, not just of colour. Cheap isn’t always cheerful.

Shadders: What advice do you have to makeup artists just starting out?

Be prepared to work real hard, networking is key…in this industry it is a lot to do with who u know just as much as the actual skilled make-up artist.

Shadders: Which African celebrity do you wish to apply makeup on and why?

I would love to have the opportunity to work with Oprah one day…I think once I have graced my make-up brushes on her face that will be when I know I have truly accomplished the dream…lol!

Shadders: Where can we find your work and contact you?

All booking can be made directly to:


Click Here for Facebook

 Shadders: Finally, what do you love about your job?

Lol everything!!!

Photo credit:Barbara Mensah, Eric Jorrin PhotoGraphy,  Andraz Blaznik Photography & Models: Beatrice K Newman, Shifa Apire, Mercy Prestige, Daniella Maria M  and Oluebube Ubadike

Barbara Mensah from Haider Zafar on Vimeo.

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  1. Nana says:

    Real talent from the mother land….Proud of this Ghanaian chiq

  2. Mimi says:

    my Gooooooood this lady needs to work on my face oneday

  3. Yemisi says:

    Creativity, classy make up……….

  4. OlaYinka says:

    wwooooooowwww Her work is truly amazing kudos to her

  5. OlaYinka says:

    Shadders keep bringing all the African Talents under one roof…..Love Shadders……..Love Barbara’s work 2 xoxox her name is in my mind now

  6. Afrofashionista says:


  7. African princess says:

    Olalalalalala love it

  8. antoinette Yeboah says:

    Well done barbie. Very proud of your work.

  9. beatrice newman says:

    Nice 1 Barbs, your very talented keep it up!!!
    Bea xxxx

  10. Barbara Mensah says:

    Beatrice…thank u sooooo much for allowing me to borrow ur amazing design….will email u some more pics this eve xx

  11. Sasha says:

    Wow, you really make this look effortless… Need to take some cues from you, x

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