OBYA Couture”Obsessive” Spring/Summer 2011 Debut Collections

After a long, cold winter, we can’t wait to get into the loose, fluid clothes that are characteristic of spring. And if it is a smart outfit you are looking for, you will love the new spring 2011 collection from OBYA. Yes you might be thinking that spring is a few months away we agree, but we cannot help but think ahead. Shadders will like to introduce OBYA a clothing line that has been dubbed as one to watch. OBYA is a beautiful, classy and chic clothing and accessory line for fierce ladies. It’s a combination of African and western style in a twist collection. OBYA gives the impression that African prints and styles can be classy, chic and fun, the brand seeks to bring out the hidden beautiful, classy chic in every lady. OBYA is made up of beautiful accessories and the faith line made up of beautiful well tailored couture. OBYA Couture was established and trademarked in 2010. Inspired by all aspects of fashion and major designers from the early nineties until this present day. OBYA aims to be unique and offers higher end garments at reasonable prices. The collection shown are all made by OBYA at their fashion studio in Ghana so when you buy from OBYA be rest assured you will receive the up most quality. This collection defines bold prints, lots of colour, and most of all one off designs you will not find anyone wearing. OBYA has promised to wow us with more inspiring designs yet to come. Shadders advise for you to stay tuned as we bring all the best of African designs.  Check out or interview with the creative genius behind the label and share your thoughts here!

Shadders: Hello Obaa thanks for talking with us at Shadders. Tell us a little bit about your background. Where is home for you and where did you grow up?

OBYA:I grew up in a beautiful Christian home in Accra Ghana, I also lived in united states for a  while then returned back to Accra again.

Shadders:  What is your educational or professional background and how do you feel it prepared you for a career in designing?

OBYA: Currently I am in my final semester in pharmacy school, My career and urge for fashion and designing  is an inborn blessing that I began to unveil fully in my third year in pharmacy school, my friends and family always knew I had this different sense of style, the way I will arrange the books in my study to the choice of jewellery and clothing.

Shadders: Your design approach is very classic and elegant, is there any time period or person who influenced your style?

OBYA: My mother is definitely my inspiration, her taste for quality rich and high class fashion jeered me towards this direction. Growing up the choice of clothes, make up bags my mother used were very classy and different. I have always had a taste for uniquely different and classy things…

Shadders: You now have your own clothing line, OBYA. How did you come up with a name for your line and why?

OBYA: Laughs…..my household name is Obaa yaa or Nana Yaa….meaning woman or queen born on a Thursday…so I just decided to abbreviate my name into pretty and classy OBYA….

Shadders: What steps did you take to mentally prepare you for moving your creative talent from a hobby and a dream into launching a clothing line?

OBYA: I guess most of the motivation came from my adorable family and friends who always gave beautiful comments on every single piece I ever created…especially my mum..i trust her judgements too…This was initially a hobby and something I use to do for fun for my friends..I just  love the idea that u create something soo beautiful that brings out the hidden classy and chic in every  woman..I feel fulfilled every time I create something new…Guess that’s what talents all about…feeling blessed and fulfilled.

Shadders: You use all types of fabrics including African prints, At this point, designing in Ghana, who is your target market?

OBYA: My target market is the modern  classy, chic and beautiful young ladies who has a taste for rich, unique and quality fashion.

Shadders: As you are currently located in Ghana? Do you intend to take your design into mainstream Europe/America?

OBYA: Definitely I want to spread this fashion news to the whole world…So all women have a feel of fashion worthwhile….

Shadders: To be a designer, one must constantly put on their creative cap, Where do you draw your inspiration from?

OBYA: My inspiration comes from women who are uniquely different, you could just  tell even the simple things in life she owes are uniquely different

Shadders: You currently launched your spring/Summer 2011 collections. Tell us briefly about the inspiration behind this collection.

OBYA: My current collection is called the Obya obssessives( must haves)…..my inspiration came from the fact that there are stuff that gurls and women should definitely have in their closet. things you would definitely be obssessed with..I have couture inspired tanks that are beautifully designed with clothes, hairbands, brooches and cute little basket purses infused with luscious beads, studs, cloth and some pearls….These are definitely must haves or standards in a classy lady’s closet.

Shadders: In this vast market, there are designers from all walks of life. We applaud designers such as yourself, for continuing to push African fashion forward into the industry. As an African designer, how do you think this can successfully be done?

OBYA: I think Shadders.net is definitely one of the pages that promotes African fashion designers and needs to be applauded. Secondly I also feel if a platform is created to interlink most fashion designers it would make celebrating African styles a standard as theyd all have a united front…..

Shadders: What are some of the short term goal for OBYA Couture?

I intend to hold more fashion shows  and make OBYA a household name known to many …….

Shadders: As a young label, what marketing/advertising strategies do you have in place for your business?

Currently am using the internet as much as possible since am working from home as well as a few others…

Shadders: What are you currently working on?

Currently am working on expanding my line of accessories in this collection as well as my next collection..

Shadders: Do you have any upcoming events where you will be displaying your fabulous creations?

Not at the moment though…..but very soon…Shadders would be the first to know

Shadders: Is there a particular cause that is close to your heart?

Laughs…..God, my friends, family and all the adorable people that I design for……..

Shadders: Please feel free to add anything else you wish our readers to know about you or OBYA Couture.

OBYA: Obya is the new standard for today’s modern, adorable, classy and beautiful woman who has taste for rich and quality fashion. OBYA is definitely a must have in a lady’s closet…simply irresistible

So what do you think of OBYA Couture? Would you like to see more from OBYA?

Website: Coming soon!!

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Thanks OBYA

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10 Responses to OBYA Couture”Obsessive” Spring/Summer 2011 Debut Collections

  1. mariesa says:

    Simple and classy

  2. Afrofashionista says:

    I heart this collection

  3. Ama Ohenewaa says:

    This collection dey bi……. I love the way she has incorporated African prints with the tshirt and mixing it with some accessories like pearls, and also the most important is the fact that the ruffles are not overwhelming like some designs ive seen recently…… this is definitely edgy and i will spend my hard earned money on it…..just like the name of the collection…….am already OBSESSED

  4. Yemisi says:

    Nice it definitely a must have

  5. OlaYinka says:

    I like that she used all types of models

  6. Jacqueline Dwyer says:

    I love these shirts they are fabulous! Love the Afrikan prints and their vibrant Afrikan colors!

    Hope to see more soon.


  7. Afua says:

    I love all the vibrant colors and the designs.

  8. Lovelle Perkins says:

    I luv the collection and i definately want some of it in ma closet. How do I contact you? Im not in Ghana.

  9. koyinsola says:

    hi pls i want to be a model and i wnt u to help me pls i we be happy eve u can do that for me i luv u so much bye pls u can call me on 07090352618.

  10. Sandy says:

    I luv yur collection,but how do i get yur contact since am not in ghana.

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