This is the final images of fashion mist, it has taken me forever to load, anyway there you have it. An evening with beautiful people, Fashion Mist did a great job, well done to all the Ghanaian Fashion designers that took part from Aya Morrison, N’KYA, Kayobi clothing, Diva delicious, Ajepomaa Gallery, Mina Evans, Ayikai couture, Yaa Ataa, GPUK,  Anita Quansah and others for your fabulous collections!!

Special thanks to Creative Director Ola Shobowale

Image Credit: Websterluv

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8 Responses to FASHION MIST 2011 IN PICTURES

  1. almelinda says:

    Who is this… what design is she wearing and WHERE can I get this dress? Too nice for spring!

  2. Stephanie Legend says:

    Can’t believe i did not go. Damn.

  3. Yemisi says:

    its about time Ghanaians did something about their fashion industry….well done

  4. chaz says:

    Where was this event and where was it advertised?

  5. Cora Morris says:

    I loved it all,I want to know where you can buy African fashion magazines inToronto Canada or right out of Africa!

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