This is probably the first time shadders has diverted away from fashion, but I believe as fashion and women go hand in hand there is nothing wrong with sharing some light on this devastating news. This afternoon it was brought  to my attention about a rather disturbing video of a young lady been molested by a group of Ghanaian students at the Legon campus. I was left with goosebumps and shocked as to why this can happen in an educational institution.  Now this lady apparently was caught stealing a laptop and some other things and I read on Ghana Nation that they stripped her and opened her legs wide and some of the guys could be seen inserting their fingers into her vagina. The students, after molesting the victim, handed her over to the police who are investigating the incident. After watching the video here, i was left with goosebumps as this act of punishment is absolutely inhumane. Although I dont agree with stealing, i also believe this is disgraceful and an act of perversion.

Is this form of punishment acceptable? Share your opinion here!!

I must warn you before you watch the video here

Image Credit: Ghana Nation

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  1. anti ghana says:

    foolish ghanaians

  2. abi says:

    they shdnt av taken the law into their own hands.. this is soo wrong.Is a disgrace to the school. students at at that level should have known better…so disappointed

  3. finger says:

    this isheartless

  4. sam says:

    the stripped her little dignity left

  5. Leanne Ama Danquah says:

    Only in Africa…………..what will they do if she murdered someone?

  6. Adjoa Ghana says:

    this is school life for stealing

    • Laura Quist says:

      Madam all i will say is you are a woman. If this is acceptable to you then you have a problem.

      • MAMME says:


  7. Love says:

    Poor woman….shadders is good you warned me before watching…..i wished i finished eating my fufu before watching it thought……aaarghhh alll her vagina on show

  8. jasmine says:

    It is indeed shameful that such a thing should go on, its disgrace full, How can they do that and get away with it. It is unacceptable, I mean we say Ghana is civilized but look at the way students who claim to be educated are behaving, were they not educated on how to treat people especially women. I wonder if they thought about their action, if it was right for them to do such a vile thing to that girl. I never knew that video was from Ghana. The government need to sort this out and re-educated these thoughtless fools. Even if it was a joke to them, they gut instincts should have stopped them from going too far. I think everyone in the video should be punished and the ones who took part in molesting her should be jailed. There are always reciprocations for your actions, they should be used as scape goats to teach everyone a lesson. I mean i bet there are things like this going on in Ghana but this one had to be film to prove it and its good that they did. so that there is evidence, seriously the government needs to do something about this horrible thing kmt.

  9. MAMME says:

    My heart is bleading…do they have hearts??? GOD will never forgive them,im so ashamed to be a GHANIAN. My sibilings are in GHANA n im so afraid for them…fuck these people.

  10. MAMME says:

    My heart is bleading…do they have hearts??? GOD will never forgive them,im so ashamed to be a GHANIAN. My sibilings are in GHANA n im so afraid for them.

  11. gracy says:

    Seriously i have never commented on any article on web,but this one is sooooooooo unfair both to womanhood,humanity,nature and God,she stole..yes but should she be disgraced like that,seriously she could commit sucide afterwards,all those fools that did this should be severly punished by the law PERIOD!!!
    Why should any educated person treat another human like that without pity,like an animal,
    Pls,pls and pls again GHANIANS bring these beasts in the form of boys,these ruthless fools to justice before the news goes international because it SURE WILL,think about what it will to the of your country,nobody is perfect pls!!!!!! Am certain they were not born by women.

  12. Tamu says:

    I couldn’t watch it all this is inhumane I know she stole but is sexual abuse an appropriate punishment . I hope the ‘people’ that were involved are publicly humiliated for this atrocity. I cannot believe that it is on facebook. I am truly saddened, in fact sickened.

  13. chaz says:

    It seems to me the idiot that filmed it is just as bad as the men doing the absuing- which is what it is. I’m sure if it was his mother or sister being abused it would not be filmed!

  14. lois says:

    brutal…….dignity stripped

  15. Sabrina D says:

    This has upset my soul. I cannot believe this woman suffered like this, regardless of her initial theft. Ghana, these are your future leaders and law makers. I urge you to sort them out before they do this to your own children. Disgrace.

    • jab says:

      This very brutal, this people should be dealt with and punished for their action, they took laws into their hands and this is punishable.Being a thief is enough shame for the accused but striping her of her only dignity left, is a crime punishable by law. So Ghanaian’s stop and think because being over perfectionist conscious with out having a heart for humanity is going to the extreme that may lead to destruction affecting our future generation. My dear lady taking what is not given to you is stealing and will bring shame to u and many people will use the opportunity to take advantage of u. Am so sorry about the pains u went through. Please for give them.

  16. Atimba Alfred says:

    Anybody hearing about this molesting act by the students of such a noble institution is actually disgrace to all university students since we are to live for the country to fellow but it is rather unfortunate. However, identification of suspects must be dealt with much attention since innocent students will be punished wrongly which may go a long way to affect mother Ghana at large.

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