Ghanaians And “Gladiator “Sandals, Are They Behind The Fashion Trends?

I received  a “Gladiator Sandal” Video this evening and could not help but laugh and share it with you all, honestly speaking I was disappointed to find out the influx of cheap and tacky China made goods been sold everywhere in the city of Accra Ghana. Although it is nice for the poor to afford these items what I find unacceptable is when it looks tacky. Now Let me get back to the gladiator sandals which was sooo last 4 years is been worn and hyped today in Ghana. Is Ghana behind the fashion trends, this is quiet worrying with no official Ghana fashion week event or a luxury fashion Magazine in Ghana to inform trends and style forecasting I now understand why there are issues in the Ghana Fashion Industry.

Do you owe a Gladiator Sandals?

How Long have your had it for ?

Is Ghana Behind Fashion Trends?

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3 Responses to Ghanaians And “Gladiator “Sandals, Are They Behind The Fashion Trends?

  1. Ahenkan says:

    Ghanaians are always behind with everything kmt and they copy blindly too

  2. Concerned says:

    I find this post a bit insulting, to Ghanaians especially, and a bit ignorant of the way that the western world has influenced developing countries in their acceptance of our leftover “cheap goods”. The reasons that Gladiator sandals are popular in Ghana now (and albeit, I wasn’t able to listen to the sound of the video, so I am just going off your written text), are because the western and northern world are sending our “leftovers” to countries like Ghana, infiltrating their own market and providing products that are cheaper than those developed in country - ultimately destroying the chances of them developing their own sense of style.

    The images and media that they are bombarded with in regards to fashion and entertainment are the runoff of the rest of the world, with little consideration of context or appropriateness. I think it’s definitely not our place to laugh at “late” acceptance of a trend, when the access to that particular trend, and ultimate inability to have a choice of other products is our society’s fault.

  3. reeree says:


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