Ghana Pageants, Modelling Agencies & The Fashion Industry

Having spent 4weeks in Ghana, I observed the constant adverts and invites to attend fashion shows and pageants, and with the multitude of these events what exactly is been achieved? I took time out to attend a few shows which I will not name names here, but I was disappointed with every show I attended with nothing meeting international standards. A country like Ghana with no official fashion week, it makes it hard to know where the fashion industry is heading to. Ofcourse, Ghana has amazing designers of which some have showcased their collections at international shows around the world and we continue to see their talents evolve. Right now instead of companies sponsoring unnecessary shows and giving out unnecessary gifts like cars to contestant, its about time they begin to think about developments and the business of fashion carefully. For it is a joke to see so many people setting up little modelling agencies, fashion shows /events and pageants in Ghana when they have no knowledge about fashion, beauty, styling and executing a great show. It is so sad to hear when these so called show producers claim that they want to help boost the industry when infact they have no idea what the business of fashion is all about, instead some are looking for fame and something they think is fun to do in their spare time. Ghana compared to other African countries is a little advance in some areas and it is quiet worrying to see the fashion industry head downwards.

  • I am yet to see an official luxurious fashion magazine company representing Ghana, I used to love Canoe Magazine and suddenly could not find it in the shops any more.
  • I am yet to see an official Fashion week Show in Ghana which is up to an International standard
  • I am yet to see a modelling agency with models who are not too old and tacky, but fresh face, with unique looks and well trained.
  • I am yet to see fashion designers setting up websites and understanding the business of fashion with justifiable prices tags
  • I am yet to see corporate companies fully backing organisers who will be planning fashion week shows in Ghana in the near future and not sponsoring unecessary shows like Miss this, Miss that and I will not be surprised that very soon corporate companies will be sponsoring shows like Miss Mokola or Miss Kantamanto Lol

It is important for Ghanaians to come together to execute a great fashion week, instead of 3-4 different companies I have noticed on Facebook trying to start Ghana fashion week. As a designer your brands image is very important and by signing up to these small tacky shows it will not help your business in anyway. As it seems that alot of these pageants/fashion show organisers are in it for the money and have no knowledge or insight about the business of fashion to help your brand in any way. Ghana needs intellectual and dedicated people with international experience especially those who strive for excellence and consistency. Ghana Fashion designers need to associate their brands with companies who are on top of their game and have paid their dues and truly know about Fashion, not with individuals who just wants fame and money for creating a show, but those who strive for excellence and understand the international scene.  Loads of little, little organisations doing their own shows will fall apart, which will only have the rest of the world laughing at Ghana. Professionalism and Knowledge is necessary and organisers need to call on individuals or companies who have worked the runways of London/Milan/NYC/Paris, proper open casting call needs to be done or scout for real models. So Far I have researched that the organiser of Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) for 2012 has industry knowledge and insight into working on the international fashion scene and I believe this is a show dubbed to be the official Ghana fashion week events and I suggest Ghanaian designers needs to check them out for more information. GFDW organisers have international experience and development plans and I believe they can really shape things up for Ghana. Read their press release here

Below is an image of a recent show in Ghana ……Honestly is this a JOKE

What exaclty Is she trying to do? This is no different from soft porn

What exactly is she trying to Achieve?

And What is this one doing there?

Image Credit: GhanaCelebrities

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10 Responses to Ghana Pageants, Modelling Agencies & The Fashion Industry

  1. Nana says:

    Ghanaians are disgraceful when it comes to this area in business, everything they do, they tend to copy blindly, being able to build a runway or owning a modeling agency does not mean you know the business of fashion. Am not surprised that Exopa was so hyped when he was around, because everything he did for Ghana was so tacky, bringing international stars to Ghana although helps with exposure but doesnt necesarily help with the industry, yes with him being in prison am not surprise as we finally know how he was flying international stars like Boris Kodjoe to his show am sure these celebrities did not just decided to fly from the states to be part of his show for free. Do you ever see London Fashion week or Mercedes benx New York fashion week flying any celebrity to attend? The Ghana fashion industry is a shame and I hope the organiser of Ghana fashion and Design week 2012 can really pick things up with a forward thinking approach. Honestly look at these images above, what sort of model/pageant show allows people doing break dance on the runway kmt, the models look sick and cheesy and are not good representative of Ghana, why am I not surprised that they are from Exopa model Agency. Ghanaians dont know any better this is why they are all following Exopa like he has done anything extraordinary for Ghana. Shadders please keep such interesting stories about the fashion/beauty industry coming!

  2. ASANTEWAA says:

    I couldnt agree with you and this article more. Most of the industry players are not united (they do not want to share information or ideas), the are not business minded and do not have a business strategy and therefore the industry is not developing and gaining the recognition it should

  3. Ahenkan says:

    Sometimes am even ashamed, when i see these ridicolous fashion and pageants shows in Ghana, lmao about the Makola and Kantamanto pageants yeah I will not be surprised that this can happen.

    All I say is bring on the International Organisers for Ghana fashion & Design Week 2012 to fix things

  4. MsNana says:

    WOOOOW.. those pictures are ridiculous, seriously…are they being for real.. do they actually think this constitute a fashion show. its tacky wacky disgusting.
    I agree with you, Ghana needs help with the fashion industry, and I think people with platforms, i.e. bloggers, designers, journalist, we need to emerge together and make it happen. I did not attend any show when i was in Ghana, i met some people who really misunderstood the meaning of fashion or beauty and make-up
    but i also met some stylish fashionable people.
    is about bringen the right people together.
    btw, I’m loving Yvonne Nelson, she’s a breath of fresh air

  5. osei kwaku frank says:

    wnt 2 join exopa

  6. Eloina says:

    I am glad am not the only one who thinks the current Ghanaian fashion industry is a joke. Most people in our fashion industry are in for quick money and cheap fame. They pick up girls and charge them huge amounts of money, all in the name of teaching them top model skills. At the end of the day however, their input is zero and this reflects on catwalks and in photo shoots. The pictures above should be more than enough evidence of this fact. Also, its about time Ghanian’s realized that designers and models are not the only people that make up the fashion industry but then quality photography and makeup work counts as well. Some people are doing their best for the industry but trust me, their individual efforts would go no further than the shores of Ghana if they do not come together to work as a team.

    • shadders says:

      Eloina most organiser are not in it for a great cause but for their own selfishness, The fashion industry is definitely a joke. Unless intellectual people with a fahsion background come together to sort this issue out then hey am not sure how this will work

  7. Love Kyei says:

    I agree with everything you said in you post!!! Being a Ghanaian living overseas, i’ve often wondered how so many rubbish fashion shows and beauty pagaents with less than amateur looking models are able to get the support and funds to function and get exposure, when there are actually talented designers and models out there in these areas… It is a major disgrace and so sad that there is no sense of direction in these areas… So glad that the Ghana Fashion and Design week is being launched!! Ghana has the goods to compete with and rub shoulders with the best of the best on our continent and internationally, we just need the right people in the positions of leadership!! Great post!!

  8. Chiedza says:

    valid points
    however please check the following

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