House of Repossi and Anouk Lepere Supports The Kageno Project to help the children of Rwanda

Gaia Repossi and Anouk Lepere are currently working with Kageno non-profit organisation to help the children of Rwanda. Kageno aims to implement sustainable development in Rwanda and in Kenya by building hospitals, orphanages and schools for the children of these regions. Gaia Repossi and the House of Repossi has joined forces with the Rwanda ladies in collaboration to design, bracelets, cuffs and armbands  made of braided rope, then the House of Repossi workshops will embellish these pieces with fine silver and gold chains as well as with small precious rings. The limited tribal and ethnic collection will be available for purchase at Collette in Paris from June 2011. Retail prices from € 190 and 350. All profits will go to the Kageno organisation.

These pieces are made of braided rope by the Rwanda women and then the House of Repossi embellishes them with gold and silver….

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