Plus Size D.I.V.A

Plus-size women often find that choosing comfortable clothes is always a challenge. Many stores do not stock sizes that are large enough to accommodate them, and speciality stores are often expensive. So what can a sister do when all she wants in an outfit is to be Trendy, comfortable and affordable?  I have come across so many plus size women on the streets wearing outfits they must stay away from if they plan to look every inch a diva. Shadders has been inspired to search for the best and affordable Plus size fashion boutiques as requested from a very keen Shadders Fan.

Monif C

Monif C. is an unapologetic stand for high fashion style for plus size women. Designed by mother/daughter team, Monif Clarke and Elaine Clarke, Monif C. was conceived to reaffirm every woman’s desire for an inspired life, luxury, and unadulterated sex appeal. A love of color, prints, and vintage details has been a part of Monif’s life from childhood. A child of Barbadian immigrants, Monif spent many summers enjoying the sweet life in Barbados. While there, she was awed by her grandmother’s love of color (red is her favorite!) and she was transported to a time when women dressed up for every occasion recognizing that taking pride in their appearance is one of the best things they could do for themselves. View a few of her collections below

I love Monif C, her designs will make every plus size woman classy. To Order from Monif C simply check out her website from here

JIBRI Designs

Another designer to look out for is JIBRI Designs, by Jasmine Elder. Jasmine grew up in Atlanta and has lived in both NY and London as a student. She started the design company Jibri (named after her fashion mentor and teenage friend) in 2006.  JIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion-conscious, curvy woman. The label is a perfect combination of high fashion chic and urban street sleek in sizes 14-24. Jibri features a variation of punk innovation, classic construction, and vintage inspiration.  A JIBRI garment is created from unique fabrics and images. Each collection includes a variation of garments that focus on fabulous fit and individuality. View her collections below

To order from JIBRI…. Check out her Website

Decadent Designs

Finally check out Decadent designs, Decadent Is A lifestyle brand that places emphasis on quality, originality and expression. A Decadent lady sets her own trends. She is the band leader, the innovator and the ferociously fearless risk taker. Shadders loves that this brand incorporates African prints in their designs.

View a few of their collections below:

Order from Decadent Designs at

Is there anything you think a plus-sized woman should avoid, and why? Do you know of any boutiques that stocks plus size fashion? Share here !

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9 Responses to Plus Size D.I.V.A

  1. Yemisi says:

    Plus SIZE women need to avoid Leggings at all cost, it reveals everything, one thing i believe they all must have is a ***Good Supportive Bras***

    • Chanel says:

      hmmm you have a point yemisi however i believe it depends on the plus size persons shape, and what you choose to wear with leggings. a tunic top which covers the bottom is not going to reveal all where as a normal top is guaranteed to reveal all! also its important to get FOOT length as it won’t reveal the calves. i think it is also important to wear black leggings as black always makes you look slimmer! all the same, great blog shadders

  2. Mimi says:

    love these plus size dresses

  3. Stephanie Legend says:

    Loving the Plus size designs and love the fact that they are very elegant and decent.
    A lot of people may not believe it when they look at me but i consider myself a beautiful, sexy, elegant plus size woman even though i tend to fluctuate between a dress size 12/14.
    The reason i consider myself plus size is because i love my curves. I love ma chest and ma behind. I am big boned and love it. I am also very and i mean very fussy when it comes to what i wear.
    The British fashion market do not seem to cater for women like myself and even bigger. Their sizes are small and the styles irritating and tacky. If u want to wear elegant, classy, trendy, mature but sexily tailored, u got to be prepared to pay big bux for it and i hate that as well. So i decided to design and make my own clothes.
    If you like the Oscar De la Renta, Michael Kors, Karen Millen, Victoria Beckham etc kinda style clothes, then watch this space because 2011 holds a lot of surprises.
    I Love the Monif C’s,JIBRI and Decadent designs ……..
    I believe in not dressing like a tart because everyone is doing it. Dress with respect, intelligence and confidence no matter your size.
    Love y’all

    • shadders says:

      Stephanie i soooooo agree, the british market is the worse for plus size fashion, am really hoping that new designers will come on the scene to reshape things

  4. Reneta Ndisang says:


  5. Nikki B. Decadent says:

    This is the first time I’m seeing this! Wow, thanks so much for the write up

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