Nelly Emerald Aboagye “DUABA SERWA” Announced Winner Of Young Creative Enterpreneur Fashion Award

Nelly Emerald Aboagye of clothing line, Duaba Serwa, emerged last Friday as the winner of this year’s Young Creative Entrepreneur fashion award. She will join 17 other fashion entrepreneurs from around the world for a shared programme in the United Kingdom during the London Fashion Week in September 2011.

Nelly studied graphic design, textiles and general knowledge in secondary school and says she changed to nursing at university but “Now I am back doing what I absolutely love.”

At the event, she showcased five clothing items with a focus on her idea of classicism, meant to be photogenic and flattering. She works in bold colours, linens, raw silks and materials such as sequins, glass beads, fancy buttons because it exudes confidence and ingenuity.

She beat eight other finalists at a packed auditorium last Friday 8, July 2011 . Her clothes were simple and ready to wear, fitting well into the  Ghana government’s Friday African wear directive. The event was judged by three of Ghana’s fashion design industry leads (Kofi Ansah, Joyce Ababio, Kwesi Nti), a former Miss Ghana, Sheila Azuntaba as well as a radio talk show hostess.

Like Nelly, the other eight finalists also showcased five clothing items and accessories. Akosombo Textile Limited (ATL) sponsored the fabric for the clothing and accessories for the event. Virgin Atlantic Airlines will sponsor Nelly’s trip to London in September 2011.

Nelly says her designs, a combination of retro futurism, rounded hips and sharply accentuated shoulders with a hint of masculinity are inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier. To her, fashion’s many interpretations and propositions aptly reflect the changing world.

Her collection, ” Five Notes In Moments”,  embodies luxury and exquisite craftsmanship. Every garment from the collection either has a combination of all five notes or a selection of two or more notes to create diversity and fluidity. The five pieces of work use African prints with bold varieties in size and shape, assembled to create contrasting combinations.

The judges have agreed to groom and mentor Nelly to prepare her for the programme in September. She will visit each of them at their places of work in the coming weeks. ATL will also give Nelly new fabrics to make new designs.

Shadders will like to Congratulate Nelly Emerald Aboagye of DUABA SERWA, and all the designers that took part in this event.  Opportunities like these  are so necessary pushing the Ghana Fashion industry forward.

Source: British

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