SA Designer Clive Rundle - About Memory An exhibition curated by Erica de Greef

The exhibition Clive Rundle : About Memory, curated by Erica de Greef, opens at Braamfontein’s Afronova gallery on 24th June 2011, at 6pm with an event titled “Climbing out the Wall *2”, and opening by Dion Change.

This interdisciplinary exhibition presents reflections as constructions of memory in the work of fashion designer Clive Rundle, through a study of the multiple sites of fashion that make up the collective work of this well-known fashion designer, namely ; the studio, the shop, the show, the fashion shoot, the magazine, and more closely, the patterns, the sketches, the mirrors and the fashioned objects.
“I am interested in the complex negotiation that occurs in the reading of the surfaces of fashion”, says de Greef, “and especially, in the work of Clive Rundle, where fragments of the past continually confront the present moment”. Underpinning this exhibition is a notion of time and layering, as a palimpsest or as a network of memory traces that reference loss and absence in the considered constructions of fashion : - in a jacket, a sleeve, a textile, or a bricolage of pieces.
The month-long exhibition (24 June 2011 – 24 July 2011) will include two walkabouts and two film screenings. See venue details and dates below.

Walkabouts :
Saturday 09 July @ 2pm Clive Rundle
Saturday 23 July @ 2pm Erica de Greef

Film Screenings :
Wednesday 29 June @ 7pm
Wednesday 13 July @ 7pm

Opening : 6 pm-8pm Friday 24th June 2011.

Climbing out the Wall *2 Opening Speaker : Dion Chang

Exhibition Curator : Erica de Greef lives in Johannesburg, and works in the inter-disciplinary fields of fashion, art and academia. Currently reading for a Masters in Fine Arts at Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, de Greef has developed this research field through lecturing at LISOF, Johannesburg, in various subject-specialisations. She has participated in a number of academic conferences in South Africa and internationally, has curated a number of fashion exhibitions collaborating with designers, museums, galleries and students, and has published in the cultural and critical context of South African fashion research. This exhibition forms a part of her Masters thesis project.

Erica de Greef Contact Details : 0723686621

Exhibition Production : Mark Erasmus trained at the Art Foundation in Johannesburg, and for more than a decade has researched the intensity, viscosity and anatomy of colour, the ambiguity of order and chaos, and the functions of form and image. Erasmus’ solo exhibition at Obert Contemporary (Colour Terra, 2005) and the ongoing development of conceptual work reflects his diverse practice as skilled painter, photographer and sculptor. As a freelance designer and conceptual consultant, recent projects include working with The Colour Library, Mushroom Productions, Showtex, and in conceptual collaboration, with Clive Rundle (Graffiti 2010, Climbing out the Wall 2009).

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