African Style: Shaunie O’Neil Spotted Wearing Korto Momolu - Cute or Clutter?

Been Following Korto Momulu since Project runway, I love her designs, her work is original. I just spotted Shaunie O’neal (VH1′s Basketball Wives) wearing a Korto Momolu Original (Spring 2011)

Photographer: Ryan Xzavier

Wardrobe: Anthony Bradshaw


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0 Responses to African Style: Shaunie O’Neil Spotted Wearing Korto Momolu - Cute or Clutter?

  1. reeree says:

    love the top …well done korto

  2. Chic Therapy says:

    love it without the necklace

  3. Miss J says:

    The top is stricking and very different, simple jewellery or even no jewellery at all would have been better

  4. Elegance African Fabrics says:

    Love Korto, Fabulous designer, pretty top without the neckless, too much clevage to my standard.

  5. Cain says:

    Agree with all the others concerning the necklace. Too much for such a bold and busy (in all the right ways) top.

    She could also use a new hairstyle. Her face is actually gorgeous, but that hair makes me roll my eyes.

  6. mrs g says:

    the top is just fabilous but, dosnt need a nakelace. the nakelace distract the beauty of the top considering the prints on the material

  7. kinema Patience says:

    love the top, korto u are doing a good job

  8. Maisha says:

    She is absolutely stunning from head to toe! Korto’s mix of print and solids is fllawless. The necklace is nice too.

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