African Inspired: Amber Rose In African Print Dress By Ghanaian Designers

Amber Rose In Ghana

How excited I was when I spotted Amber rose in African prints dresses by Ghanaian designers during her recent trip to Ghana for the Vodafone 020 live concert. Although I am not sure who designed these dresses, I am very proud to see her wear clothes made by African fashion designers. Our favourite look would have to be the bluish grey one hand maxi dress, which brings out her curvy figure!

There you have it guys cast your vote here, Is Amber looking Cute or Cluttered with Fabric? Vote and Share your thoughts below!

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11 Responses to African Inspired: Amber Rose In African Print Dress By Ghanaian Designers

  1. Robert Antwi says:

    Thats big!! @ErnestSimons sent me, good looking @ShaddersFashion

  2. ChicTherapy says:

    I love the red one

  3. ASANTEWAA says:

    the last 3 dresses are by Nonterah based in Adabraka, Accra

  4. Ann says:

    Very Nice. Who are the designers of the dress. I would love to make a purchase. Thanks

  5. Citizen Otuo says:

    This is HOT!!!! I believe wholeheartedly that the next generation of fashion leads to Africa: the African Runway is the next big thing!!!

  6. Benny says:

    Africa is the future so get on board,

  7. bb says:

    Designer is

  8. Koko says:

    i only like the 2nd one. The 1st one looks like it was made in a rush and the 3rd one, i’m kind of on the fence about. It’s a pretty dress, just not right for the model.

  9. Maisha says:

    She is not dressed for her frame and is doing an injustice to the designs. Two thumbs way down!

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