What’s Wrong With DARK SKIN LADIES?

I am sick and fed up with all this light skin/dark skin business, honestly I say whatever rocks your boat whether light, dark, in-between, as long as no one says one is ‘better’ than the other and simply expresses a preference, then its all fine by me. Yes there are people out there who might never accept you for who you are are but please learn to love yourself and avoid these peeps. I know life is not fair but frankly this light skin/darks skin discussion has gone on for far too long. If you are dark skinned you should be proud of who you are and the same applies for light skinned people. My only advice is that learn to love yourself and DONT TOUCH THE BLEACHING CREAMS!!!!!

Watch the video below and share your thoughts

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

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28 Responses to What’s Wrong With DARK SKIN LADIES?

  1. Lea says:

    all the BLACK MEN LIKE light skin women,,,, is there any hope for us

  2. raina says:

    welll sex sell, the light you are the more you are appreciated

  3. Mr.G says:

    No interested in a dark skin pussy,,,,, love me light skin gal dem preferably mix race girls

    • shadders says:

      thats not a nice thing to say

    • Kevwe Ogomigo says:

      That is definitely not the opinion of most men. I tell you what, men love women who are proud of themselves whether dark, light or in-between.

      So learn to love you self the way you are … and leave anyone who doesn’t like your skin color (or anything natural about you) to ‘go hug transformer’.


    • Nikki B Decadent says:

      Wow how ignorant. Its one thing to have a preference but this comment is straight IGNANT.

      If pussy is your bottom line then lemme remind you than vagina has no face.

  4. Anne Hathy says:

    its quiet sad cos it not just black people who feel this way, some asians also feel this way

  5. Mimz mirembe says:

    I am more to the dark skin side and I seem to appeal to very many people so that rules out the ”all black men like light skinned women theory”, I cannot wait to go back home to Uganda and get a ‘tan’. Shame on the factories that sell and promote the bleach, think everyone should appreciate and love themselves.
    If you dont like dark skinned women, fair enough, one mans meat is another mans poison.

    P.S. I still think its a little daft and belittling for the black community to be having this converstaion in the first place and making it into the issue it has become today!!!

  6. msethnicminority says:

    They didn’t exactly pick the best black girls did they????

  7. ethnicity fairness says:

    well where should i begin? firstly I blame the bible if we take it to the roots of the matter, the bible talks about fair as being beautiful lets look at Song of Solomon 1:15, have you guys ever questioned why most ministers/pastors or men in the ministry are all married to light skin women? its because the bible agree and acknowledges lighter women than dark skin. secondly lets check out Esther, what does the bible mean in Esther chapter 2 :7 the words fair and beautiful?

    I can say is that, God has his reasons why he created light and dark, obviously light been better, so dark skin get over yourself

    • joy isibor says:

      What you said is very wring love fair does not mean light skinned it means pleasing to the eyes because of freshness of skin ( not color ) charming and flawless, it does not mean color, and just so you know adam was not white, he was actually black, so you cant say that. If pastors marry light skinned its because they fell in love with the personality of the woman not her skin color, i have seen a lot of light skinned and dark skinned pastors who marry dark skinned women. So don’t blame the bible, only the narrow minds of humans

    • soldier B says:

      thats bulshit,,,,, leave the preaching at the alter mate

  8. Kwame says:

    I can never date a dark skin woman sorry , not my cup of tea prefer women i can see when my lights are off

    • angela says:

      kwasia! i bet your dark yourself, you probably prefer a light skin woman to make yourself look good. What utter nonsense. I pity you

    • priscilla says:

      excuse me kwame…when the light goes off, you can not see anyone either black or white…………….this is why our beautiful women in African are bleaching…nonsense boy…

  9. soldier B says:

    well I love dark skin women, i think they are beautiful but noticed that many lacks confidence

  10. Mimi says:

    So what if you don’t like dark skinned women? They should feel bad now because you lol hv an opinio?. They probably don’t like you either. So shallow and not worthy of much thought. Comments like this make me stronger and even more confident. What I know is I don’t care what anyone says coz whatever you say is a reflection into who you are as a person and not on me. So I am dark skinned? Hun that’s nothing new I know n I love it. Can’t wait to hv my dark skinned babies with a crown of beautiful natural hair like their mama. God made day and night not just day for a reason. He made diversity in all creation. So while you are being nasty shame on you I am going to enjoy being me and rise above this whilst u waste your time trying to demean the very women who wouldn’t give u a second glance. Light dark whatever we are here for a purpose and I won’t waste mine feeling bad about what I love the most about myself. Nonsense

  11. Chanel says:

    i have seen some appalling responses in this blog…. ‘i don’t want dark skin pussy’ ‘prefer women I can see in the dark’?????? please #sitDown. Both of you sound so broke that you haven’t even got the funds to buy your light skin girlfriends cream for their lovely skin!! i mean, keep your insulting views to yourself, we all have preferences and tastes, but for you to add insults on top, your asking to get cussed even more.
    I am a dark skinned woman, my mother is light skinned- i came from a ‘light skinned’ woman… and guess what, we are both beautiful….
    Arrogance will never get anyone anywhere… kmt

  12. Cora Morris says:

    This is very sad to me !why , people would are dark do not like dark skin people?Your mother and father are black ,you are black ,yet you can not see yourelf with a black person.people who can not she them self with a black person,do not like or love them self because if you did, you would never over look anyone who looks like you.The other thing is, parents have to teach there kids to love them self and other black people.As a race ,is our mine so weak that we can not get over this?

  13. Emua Fashions says:

    This is so weird.. I guess I’ve never really paid attention to this cos I kinda want a dark skin daughter n all my boyfriends have always been dark as in really dark. I think dark skin is really beautiful. Maybe its cos I’m light skinned but I personally think dark skin is beautiful..

    • Sameera says:

      Well, Emua, I was actually going to pinpoint this: You say you like dark skin men. I do too…and many of us (regardless of our colour) do too.
      So I wonder how come this debate only occurs when talking about Women’s skin colour, and never Men. You would never hear a man complaining about his darkness, or being unsecure about it.
      Is it cause Us women tend to be insucure? or care so much about Men’s opionion?
      At the risk of sounding slightly prejudiced, I do believe that so many dark skinned women are beautiful, yet, I do feel that the ratio is a bit higher when it comes to lighter skin.
      Since we’re being honest, I admit I am glad I am very light skin for things like: I dont have to run away from the sun or feel offended when a man claims out loud he doesnt like dark skin women, or, since It is already hard as it is to find a man, it must be even harder when you have to deal with many ‘non-dark skin lovers’…:s

  14. stephanie Legend says:

    Its been fun reading through all the comments i must say. Sad to read the opinions of others but at the end of the day, thats their opinion.

    My advice to all women out there is that we learn to love ourselves the way we were created, be it light skin, dark skin, mixed or what ever. Until we all learn to LOVE who we are, and stop allowing society and a bunch of shallow minded fools to dictate to us how we look or should look, we will for ever be faced with all the above. God created u dark because he knows you are more beautiful dark and he created the light skin woman light because he knows that they will look a right mess if they were dark. U deciding to change your dark colour to light is an insult to the creator as you are telling him that he don’t know what he is doing creating you dark. So u would rather turn to a human being who was created by God and who has created some chemicals and says you will be light if u use these creams. But he does not tell you the repercussions of using these creams ten or twenty years down the line when u come out looking like a scare crow.
    Love the color of your skin. Be confident in your skin because if u r not confident in your skin, you will never be confident in any other skin u get be it light, mixed or what ever. Beauty is about confidence and believing in your self. Without these, no matter how gorgeous others might say u r, u will always be an ugly duckling.
    Beauty begins and ends with u the individual and until u master how to live and love what you have, you will always be challenged and what kind of life will that be where u r never happy and u r always trying to change one thing or the other?! There is so much more to life than that and by the time u realize it, it will be too late for u to enjoy it.

  15. Black&Proud says:

    Personally I feel that this has gone on too long and the fact that we as a black race are debating that light skinned is better than dark skin is a joke really! We are now conforming to the white man and having the same slave mentality that they have been using against us for many years and are still using to segregate our people up to now.

    We need to snap out of this foolish debate and start trying to unite our people regardless of the complexion of our skin, because this is the reason why we as a black race do not progress because it is all about vanity and appearence rather than self-worth of each individual.

  16. Leta F (Proud black woman) says:

    This thread is sickening, especially the negative responses.

    SMH so many of our people refuse to educate themselves. Ignorance my friends is not bliss. You all walk & talk about one another like we aren’t one in the same. People are just that people, we all bleed the same blood, & breath the same air. Nothing more nothing less, all beautifully created in the image of God (whatever divinity you associate with).

    I understand not being attracted to a specific attribute of a person but to say such degrading things about someone that very well might look like you is pitiful. I hope the individuals that feel how they feel & are bold enough to express such distaste realize that the seeds you sow, you shall reap.

    Perpetuating such an ideal about light or dark is the same conditioning set up to keep us (BLACK people) from growing.

    It’s 2011 step into diversity & embrace yourselves.

  17. Nikki B Decadent says:

    I LOVE being dark skinned. Absolutely love it. Growing up I cant say I felt as comfortable in my skin as I do now but in hindsight I was pretty revolutionary in my own way. Its a damn shame that in 2011 we have people who are walking around hating themselves and downing others for something as simple and bioloigical as skin color. Thats stupid. If you look good you look good and last I checked melanin content has no bearing on attractiveness.

    I make it my business to tell little black girls that they are beautiful and that their hair is pretty. ESPECIALLY the darker ones because they need to hear it more. The world is a fucked up place already. Theres no need to make it uglier with this colorist bullshyt.

  18. House of maliQ says:

    well i think it ignorance.Every woman need to be confident no matter what.the choice is yours,never live another man’s life.you can be the hottest dark skin/light skin if you carry yourself well.Confidence makes you compose yourself wnicely.Am a light skin chic i started loving myself more when i built in confidence in me.it makes you proud of who you are irrespective of the skin colour.i run a fashion blog callled house of maliq.where do you get to see women of beautiful skin colours.trust me This days it’s as if most people are blaming God for what he thinks it best for us.The worst thing you could do to yourself is go out of your way to please people.it a different life,different destiny with different people.Human are never satisfied.

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