Because of its geographical position, some inhabitants of Africa were exposed to a lot of sun and this caused their skin to protect itself by darkening. The skin of African men and women of color has a kind of and richness that no other race possesses. In Africa, the whole concept of beauty is different from the rest of the world. Giving up stereotype opinions is the only way to understand and appreciate African beauty.

In Africa, healthy buttocks, thick luscious lips, big breasts and voluptuous bodies are the epitome of beauty for African women whereas, in Western and European countries, you see models that starve themselves to death. African beauty has its place in the world and the thousands of black beauty products available to black women are a proof of this. Now many beauty brands in the market cater to the needs of dark skinned women. Famous brands even provide top of the line products to enhance the natural African beauty of black women. These brands include L’Oreal, Cover Girl and Black Opal.

For an African beauty to style her natural hair, she must put forth a lot of effort and care. Because of its complex texture, the natural hair texture of women of colour requires a wide toothed comb or the comb will never go all the way through the hair. Using a narrow or fine toothed comb will only damage the hair. African women with naturally curly hair rarely use a brush to do their hair; if they do, they use a boar bristle brush.

Share your beauty secrets with us!

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  1. Katie says:

    i like this post! i fear my only beauty secret is chap stick and drinking lots of water! i’m not very good when it comes to beauty supplies, i never know what to look for or choose!

    instead of an elephant

  2. BukiOni says:

    One of my hair secrets is to NEVER EVER comb hair dry - big no no. When combing hair spritz a little water and olive oil mixture onto the hair to dampen, it makes combing so much easier, especially for children, dragging a comb through dry locks will ony result in breakage. None of my white/latin/asian or mixed race girlfriends with curly hair comb their hair dry so why should I, and my curls are coarser and tighter than all of theirs.

    Peel off cucumber masks are the business for dry ashy patches on the face. They lift those dead skin cells right off.

    Pure shea butter is really good for reducing the appearance of scars. Try mixing it with a little cocunut oil and argan oil that’s the business! You can also use it as a hair mask, cover with a shower cap for about 30mins or more (the longer the better really and if you use a steam cap instead then your’e in the champions league of hair care). Then rinse (not wash) it all out. Trust me your looks will be luscious and soft to the touch.

    Oh yeah and I use an old toothbrush to exfoliate my lips in the winter. Sometimes they can get a little dry and when you put lipstick on top of dry lips #epic fail. So I have to buss out an old tooth brush, don’t scrub too hard mind, you don’t wanna exacerbate the problem. Using a sugar scrub is also good, it’s basically made up of olive oil and sugar (the mixture should resemble the texture of coarse sand). Rub it on the lips (with or without said toothbrush), rinse off with warm water, pat dry, and then moisturise lips - trust me you’ll be having an “Angelina eat your heart out” moment and you won’t even realise you’ve adopted a ‘how hot are my lips’ pout. Airkisses anyone cos I’m lipstick ready dahrling, lol.

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