Black skin, just like any other type of skin, needs to be taken care of. Because of the colour of dark skin, there is a tendency for it to look a bit ashen if it is not well moisturized. Certain products seem to have become categorized as black products and are crucial to black skin care.

Moisturisers are a must when it comes to darker skin. A dermatologist will be able to tell you about the kind of skin you have and what black products would best suit you. The best time to put on a cream is right after a shower when the skin is more receptive. Remember to use a separate facial moisturizer for your face. The type of product you use will depend on the kind of skin you have.

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are important parts of a skin care routine and black skin is no different. Cleansers are essential as the first and last thing you do each day. Use a day cream as well as a night cream to nourish your skin. Steer away from products that have a soap base when it comes to your face.

Another major thing that is misconstrued is that black women will not get sunburned or tanned and therefore, they don’t need sunscreen. This is false. Black skin is as prone to sun burns as any other skin and requires black sunscreen products to help counter it. Black skin can also break out in acne at times and professional help may be required to help counter it.

What creams works for you during summer? Share your opinions here!

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  1. Nancy Asare says:

    I use Jergens Ultra Healing, extra dry skin moisturizer which is really good and keeps the soft. For the face I use Avene Hydrance optimale Riche and I use the sun protection version in summer. I will recommend it to anybody. however to keep up with the good facial regime I recently started using L’oreal age perfect refreshing toner and l’oreal visible radiance renewing cleansing cleansing milk which has really improved my skin!!

    I will recommend it to anybody!

  2. afreeeka says:

    okay will take some of the above advice onboard

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