Acne is a skin problem that plagues people of African descent as often as those of Caucasian background.  Following an acne break out, many black people suffer from hyper-pigmentation in the form of dark, black, spots on the skin.  Hyper-pigmentation can be embarrassing, and is difficult to get rid of.  To avoid dealing with skin problems that are caused by acne, it is important that all black people take proper care of their skin.

It is possible to prevent outbreaks of acne by taking steps daily to clean and care for the skin.  This means more than a simple wash with soap, to best protect the skin black people should invest in products that provide maximum protection.  However, black skin care requires moisture which ultimately excludes most over the counter acne products.

The majority of acne products contain large amounts of alcohol and other astringents.  These products irritate and dry the skin, causing more harm than good.  Black skin care requires twice daily facial washes with a moisturising soap, followed by a face cream.  Chosen cream should moisturize without making the skin overly oily.  If the face cream you are using leaves too much oily residue, reduce the amount of face cream used after cleansing.

Always remember, it is important to stick to a daily routine.  Daily skin care will help reduce the frequency and severity of acne outbreaks.

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