I have been blogging about other parts Africa but I am ashamed that I have never taken time out to share some light on Congo. My trip to central Africa has taught me alot about Congo, I have gained more insight into their fashion and beauty culture, from  Sapeurs style to bold prints. I also had the opportunity to snap beautiful Congolese ladies backstage at a fashion show, and I am so proud that with all the difficulties these women faced during the war, they continue to do well and shine. I noticed that their style is highly influenced by western trends, but they sure do love their bold make-up. Check out some the ladies below

Make up by Ama Toffee and Mili Mouk

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  1. MsEthnicMinorityUK says:

    They all have an unsual beauty.Nice pics!

  2. shereese baah says:

    very flambouyant and i love it. amazing work

  3. Kiese says:

    LOVE IT!! yes for Congolese women, we are beautiful!!

  4. fame says:

    oopsy!! dey look gorgeous

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