Africology Skin Care Range Formulated In Pure And Natural Products

Africology captures the rejuvenating and healing essences of Africa, which help to revitalize skin, prevent damage and premature aging. The entire product range is suitable for vegans, is not tested on animals and is free from harmful chemicals and perfumes, suitable for people with even the most sensitive skin. All Africology products have been formulated in a pure and natural way, using only the highest quality actives. Its popularity is mainly due to word of mouth recommendation – the best and most honest publicity in the world.

Africology prides itself on its roots, taking inspiration from Africa and using local active ingredients including RooibosAloe, Marula and African Potato to combat the signs of aging. All products are fragranced naturally using essential oils. Each fragrance also has a therapeutic effect on the mind, which will help to relax or uplift the spirit. Africology uses these natural fragrances together with the active energetic essences from its ingredients to create a harmony between skin, body and mind.

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