The concept of beauty varies as much as the geographical expanse of the world. Certain forms of beauty are widely known, well appreciated, and accepted by all. However, a few forms of beauty are so unique and diverse from the others to the extent of not being acknowledged as beauty at all! One such form is African beauty. Africans have not attained much recognition for many things including their beauty. The uniqueness of the African woman in her prominently large facial features and her bodily stature has not yet been accepted universally. The smooth dark skin, curly black hair and broad frame are in stark contrast to the world’s view of beauty. The standards of comparison are entirely different and do not match at any point.

The Africans are a beauty by themselves. It is their concept of beauty that makes them stand apart. According to some of them, being big is considered beautiful. Having voluptuous lips is considered beautiful. Due to their differently structured body, their clothing style differs. Their traditional clothing suits them better than other clothing. However, in this era, African women are integrating western fashion with their culture and attracting more attention with the combined fashion statement. Everyone is not expected to appreciate African beauty. While some have a taste for and are awed with this unique type of beauty to others, it may seem absurd. That is exactly where the essence of African beauty lies. The judge of an African Beauty Pageant once commented that her kind of beauty was to be found nowhere else in the whole wide world and that it was one of the things that made her so special.

Gone are the days when African women were frowned upon for their “differences”. Gone are the days when they spent time straightening their hair and used hair extensions? Now is the time that they are being acknowledged and appreciated for who they are, for their uniqueness. The acceptance of African beauty has begun and the confidence of the African woman is at its peek.

What is your African Beauty Secret?

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0 Responses to AFRICAN BEAUTY

  1. Sarponmaa says:

    coco butter and sheer butter avoiding bleaching creams

  2. Lovette says:

    african people are beautiful creatures

  3. Stephanie Legend says:

    Well for me, its gotta to be Cocoa butter vaseline. That stuff is wonderful and smells beautiful. I tend to mix it up with E45 because E45 is great for dry skin as well and very very effective. I mix it up to also reduce the hardness of petroleum vaseline (its kinda solid if u know what i mean)

    I do not use anything else and since i started using that, my skin is amazing. Even my husband is using it with me now as he got some serious dry skin. More like croc skin LOL bless him. I am a black woman and i am so proud of my roots. Fade creams ain’t ma thing and never will be. Not only do they cost so much, some of the stuff they put in that can kill u. I do not know why in the hell women wanna be going down that road but good luck to them. Me, i be home girl and so shall i stay. I hate the smell of them things as well. They stink real bad. And people just rush to spread that on their body. Its like saying to someone to rub faeces on their body because it will make them lighter and i am sure there will be some vein people that will do that ……………
    Some of the things we do to ourselves LOL

  4. anna says:

    vaseline for me…..hate bleaching creams

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