A Glimpse into the New African Woman magazine - July/August Issue 10 - Get Your Copy Now!!!

There are so many African magazines out there these days, it seems that every season there is a new magazine launch which is all positive and exciting to see magazines with African related content. However, there are some magazines worth investing money in and others you just have to find out for yourself. We are Shadders have a few we love and New African Woman Magazine happens to be one of them. Below is a glimpse into the New African Woman Magazine - July/August Issue 10, make sure you grab your copy believe me you will not be dissapointed. Check out the amazing editorials featuring designers such as Eki Orleans, NKWO, Bestow Elan, Sika Designs, Tebi Jewels, Vlisco, Beatrice Bee Arthur and Maureen Amooti just to name a few.

Credits: Ola Shobowale, Belinda Otas, Regina Jane

Photographers: Luke Foreman, Steven Adusei, Karl Lake, Ernest Simmons,

Fashion & Styling: Loraine Bailey, Mark Cocksedge, Erica Matthews, Marianne Simons, Adeola Olasebikan,

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4 Responses to A Glimpse into the New African Woman magazine - July/August Issue 10 - Get Your Copy Now!!!

  1. ChicaMod says:

    Lovely Magazine. Beautiful pictorial!! Great Job!

  2. Reneta Ndisang says:


  3. vonette says:

    Am in love…..how can i get the magazine?am in Kenya please advice.thanx

  4. Ditebogo Matakata says:

    All that i can say is ‘wow’ everytime i get a copy of NAW . I learn a lot from it. I love the fact that it doesnt have ‘who is dating who’ kind of stuff, but rather real life issues. Issues that can inspire us, make us think of changing our lives for the better. Love it

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