Sow EXTRASEED In these Ethiopian handmade Flats Shoes

It is always worth sowing an Extraseed in your footwear for comfortability, believe me there is nothing worse than struggling to walk in shoes that are not comfortable. Extraseed is a special brand from how the shoes is made alone is a touching story and the comfort experienced when worn is one of a kind. You cannot get more comfort anywhere after your have tried these gorgeous colourful flat soles by EXTRASEED. Made in Ethiopia Addis abba, EXTRASEED strive to create things that last long with most environmentally friendly materials available to them. A pair of shoe you invest in utilizes recycled rubber that comes primarily from used car tire. Most often Extraseed uses new scrap fabric or leather considered waste in garment factories to produce the upper of the shoe, how interesting!

Remember lets support our own by Buying our own made in Africa!!

If you agree shop Here

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4 Responses to Sow EXTRASEED In these Ethiopian handmade Flats Shoes

  1. Leather Handbags says:

    relay nice shoes i impress thanks………….

  2. shanela says:

    these shoes are adorable, love the history behind this brand

  3. reeree says:

    these are pretty

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