Shadders Stylish African Christmas Dresses!!!!

Designer:Boxing Kitten

Designer: Parfait Designs

Oyato Design

Sika Designs

Designer: Back2Eden designs

Designer:Bestow Elan

Designer:Chichia London

Designer:Kenema & Co

Beautiful Dresses to choose for the Party season!!!!!

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8 Responses to Shadders Stylish African Christmas Dresses!!!!

  1. Leanne Ama Danquah says:

    very nice dresses

  2. Leanne Ama Danquah says:

    am more of a chichi chick

  3. Jay says:

    These are beautiful! Definately need to purchase one or two for certain celebrations!!!

  4. Sarai says:

    How can I purchase

  5. bibi says:

    love the all d dresses. specially the oyato long jacket

  6. Dammy says:

    Wow, these designs are great! you should check out UNIQUE28.COM to see the upcoming bracelts with nigerian fabrique and also the other things they sell ther elike t-shirts and wristbands

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