Olelé African Inspired Wooden Hand Fans

Shadders loves anything African, we came across these wooden hand fans and fell in love with them immediately, it is a must have for the summer easy to fold and carry around. Designed by Olelé in spain, olelé presents modern designs using wooden Spanish staves for the body and cotton fabric for the fan itself, with special edition of fans made with African prints among her many designs which can compliment any outfit. If you’d like a statement piece that’s handcrafted to last, these wooden hand fans are truly gorgeous. (she also packs her fans in faux-leather cases so you can safely transport her lovely creations anywhere the heat takes you!).

Email Olele: karmele@olele.es
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One Response to Olelé African Inspired Wooden Hand Fans

  1. Olelé says:

    Hi, I just listed new african print hand fans in my shop, check them out!

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