In 2009 I read about the gentlemen of Bacongo by Daniele Tamagni, never did i know that three years down the line i will be in Congo to witness the real African Dandies. Congolese Men have got a unique style, that in the midst of poverty they still look on point as they say, their dressing does the talking for them. If you grew up listening to Papa Wemba and Koffi Olomide you will probably catch my drift with the Congolese style and trends. We had the opportunity to take a tour in Bacongo which is in Brazzaville Congo, I observed that some of the men were overly dressed in sharp suits and bowties something that will be appropriate for an evening wear not a midday affair. I could not help but stop and ask some of the men where exactly they were heading to. The gentleman below stopped and posed for a pictured, when asked where he was off to he said he was just looking around the city centre……how many people will wake up and dress like this to look around your local city centre without an agenda? You have to be brave to become a Sapeur!!

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  2. afreeeka says:

    looool…..serious swagga

  3. cs says:

    surprised his skin tone looks natural and he is not wearing gaudy colours

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  5. mamle says:

    lol…3 cell phone…booga paaaaaa

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