Ubuntu International Project is scheduled to showcase, African designers at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout on Sunday 19 February at 11:30, 2012. Following the success of last years debut showcase of three South African designers - this season Ubuntu International Project will be throwing a wider net by introducing modern  heritage aesthetics from South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria.“The cornerstone of the 2nd Ubuntu showcase will be the 3 Rs so aptly embodied and coined by Jose Hendo “Reduce Re use Re cycle. Our Slogan Tees further capture the spirit and future Ubuntu African Industry development initiatives “Afro Eco” “African grown and sewn” Clinton Lotter is a continuation of the inaugural Ubuntu showcase. His collection subtly references the Ndebele South African tribe and European Art Deco. Kevin Friedman from Frankli Wild™ jewellery depicts a lifelong fascination with the distinctive arts and crafts of South Africa which has proven invaluable as an inspiration for his work. He has also been involved in meaningful community development projects with local crafters.

Recognition of his work followed when his well known Ndebele bead and diamond choker, modelled by Charlize Theron, which garnered Kevin a “De Beers Diamond International Award” in 2000. “The reason we have chosen these designers is that they represent the new African signature that is coming through,” says Errol Hendrickse of Ubuntu. “Within their work traditional influences are evident along with a specific heritage aesthetic that translates as a brilliant new fresh aesthetic”.

“The vision at Ubuntu International Project is to establish a design led aesthetic that is not geographically confined but “an intelligent, creative design led bridge linking Africa and Europe.” states Theo Omambala, Creative Director of Ubuntu.

Mr Hendrickse and Ms Omambala, started Ubuntu International Project two years ago as an initiative seeking to develop talent from emerging markets across the globe. “We realized there was a gap within the market in terms of a innovative African design aesthetic,” says Hendrickse, “The world is desperate for a “new design aesthetic that has depth and meaning, that is relevant to today’s conscious consumer” stipulates Omambala, “as everything is so diluted on the global creative stage” concludes Hendriske. It is also time to show what Africa can offer the international world of fashion. The show on the 19 February 2012 will be preceded by an intimate seminar at our offices in Marble Arch. The seminar will look at the Creative African Fashion Industry at large – 17 February 2012 - 7:00pm.

The initiative is being funded from both the private and public sector. The long term aims and objectives are to engender sustainable employment structures in Africa. The Ubuntu International Project opens Sunday’s schedule at Freemasons Hall in London at 11:30am.

Ubuntu International Project today also invited potential partners to contact Hendrickse regarding Investor Relations.

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    Where can I get tickets to attend this Ubuntu project?
    Thanking you in advance

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