Ankara Clothing presents The “Indulge Collection” for spring/summer 2012

Ankara Clothing is an online fashion retailer that offers distinctive and carefully picked designs to showcase the African Culture. Ankara Clothing brings to you our new ‘Indulge Collection’ which features modern styles in bold and beautiful colours, shapes and patterns.

Ankara Clothing works closely with traders and manufacturers of different sizes to produce garments that are of a high quality. All of the Ankara Clothing’s garments are handcrafted by highly skilled tailors and seamstresses with years of expertise. We continuously look for new ways to create designs that pull inspiration from cultural themes; whilst striving to create styles that represent London’s urban chic.

As a direct result of the amount of support and demand that Ankara Clothing has received from other major businesses and retail outlets, we are also in the process of using our site to showcase the talents of other businesses and designer’s collections.

Ankara Clothing is designed with a view to bringing the elegance and flair of old African themes to a modern generation. Our vision is to give everyone a taste of Africa.

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