Black hair is unique. In fact, it is the most pliable of hair and serves as a base for several hairstyles; this includes long and short. A common way of styling black hair is to braid it. There are many ways to do this and braiding should not be misconstrued to be representative of any one community or group.

Dreadlocks are done with your own hair. Semi locks are braids that almost give the impression of dread locks. Here, instead of using just your own hair, a bit of wool is used; the amount of wool you use depends on the thickness of your hair. If you want the braids to look really thick, the process of braiding can take up to 6 hours and you need to have hair that is at least 3 inches long. Most of the time, black people’s hair doesn’t grow longer than shoulder length if that, so, to have long braids you can braid real or synthetic hair into your own hair. Again, this hairstyle can take a long time depending on how long or short you would like your braids and how thick or thin – micro braids – you would like your braids. With this particular style, you will need to burn the ends of your hair if the braids are short. For longer braids, you don’t have to bother as they will hold. Another way to make black hair longer is to add extensions. Extensions are available made from synthetic hair and real human hair. The human hair usually comes from India.

Twists are another option as are ponytails, short afros and beaded braids. Many people with black hair often use hair relaxers to straighten their hair and make it more manageable. This procedure makes so many more hairstyles possible for black women. However, care must be taken that relaxed hair is properly cared for. It is extremely important that touchups are done regularly or else your hair will break off where the new hair growth and the relaxed hair meet.

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