Now that is a difficult question to answer as I am no designer myself, but by writing this post i am hoping that feedback will educate us all. For many, becoming an African fashion designer is a lifelong dream. Despite the glamorous reputation, fashion design is no walk in the park; one must do their research well before making this career move. Anyway, A few weeks ago I received three emails from young people who are about to make a life changing decision of what course to study at college as they are thinking on the line of fashion, Art and design. They all had one question in mind “Are African Fashion designer’s really making money as it seems”?

Despite the misconception that only those who graduate from fashion schools can make it big in this highly lucrative and competitive field, many fashion designers literally work their way up and for many they were inspired/trained by family/friends and others it is just pure talent. Although I have no idea of how much designers make, earnings in fashion design can vary widely based on years of experience. Starting salaries in fashion design tend to be very low until designers are established in the industry that’s about how much we know about this subject area. But if you are thinking about Starting a business in fashion or beauty we advise that you read around and speak to others already established in the field or perhaps apply for voluntary placement or speak to you local career advisor. Share your viewS/opinion here!!

Image Credit: BlackEnterprise

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  1. Yemisi says:

    I don’t think these designers are making alot of money as it seems…there is an influx of them with little knowledge about the business of fashion. I suspect that some of the designers hold a second job elsewhere which has nothing to do with fashion. If anyone is thinking about entering this business i ask them to get the education on managing their business.

    • sarah says:

      Well Yemisi, i wonder where you got your statistics from as i have a friend who does not hold a second job but focus solely on her fashion business. I dont know how much she makes but lets say she is struggling to make ends meet although she has been to fashion school

  2. ameenata says:

    I think it varies it depends on their marketing strategy and how proactive they are !

  3. Akua says:

    Ive always questioned this aswell …i wonder if they are making money as it looks glamourous, fashion shows/ shoot, website etc…..shadders i dnt think they are making much as they are all overpriced

  4. "Fashion Designer" says:

    First if all, let me make this clear: most designers I know (including myself) don’t go into this business because of money - it is passion driven. Having said that, I have a degree in Fashion Design, I have worked with some of the best designers in the industry and I held a business degree before pursuing my fashion degree. Passion brought me here but I have bills to pay so I have to make sure my Fashion House is profitable. Some days are good and some not so good. The key is to have a clear sense of direction, a realistic goal and a step by step approach to attaining success (and this goes for all fields - not just fashion). If as a designer you are struggling now but see an increase in sales every month, you can pretty much predict where you will be in the next 5 years.
    So, there is not a single answer to your question - some are making it (and sometimes understating their worth), some are on their way to making it and others are not.

    By the way, not everyone who makes clothes, has a photoshoot and calls himself/herself a designer is a fashion designer - I can’t speak for this group

    • MissPoutyPoutyAfrivintage Designer says:

      Well said dear. Not all who call themselves fashion designers are indeed designers. You have upscale and cheap scale ones. It’s a bit like asking if Primark is HauteCouture. LOL. Soooooooooo mant PRIMARNIS out there

    • lady pee says:

      i agree with u on this ,not everyone who calls themselves fashion designers are indeed one when they cant even hem a dress. i think everyone has a bit of creative side in us, but i dont think the fact that u can create doesnt make u one. i ve also done fashion designing[advanced level] and still looking to do other courses to go up. well as to the making of money, it varies, d beginning bt as u said u can predict how u will be in 2 ,5 or 10 yrs time. this question is really broad which needs a lot of research.

  5. Emua says:

    You have to also keep in mind that being a fashion designer does not necessary mean you are good in business. There are so many aspects to handling a business and so many pple involved too (accountants, PR, marketing etc..). The main problem is getting the funds to get all these done. That’s why most local designers tend to be micro managers. Like it was mentioned earlier, the drive to design is more of the passion rather than the money. Also don’t forget the big industries that overshadows the local ones. They can afford mass production, loans from banks etc. My fashion line is my only source of income. It does pay the bills and based on how I’ve been growing I know it will pay off with time.

    I also want to say we shld not condemn anyone who says they’re a designer just because their designs don’t reach your standard. There is always a starting point for all designers. We can’t say just because you are not that good when you start up that means you should close down. There is always room for improvement.

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